Making Headlines in Tulum

We are thrilled to share that Hotel Bardo has garnered attention in the press. Our unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and immersive experiences has piqued the interest of numerous media outlets. We invite you to explore the highlights of our hotel's journey and discover why Bardo has quickly emerged as a top destination in Tulum. Check out the following featured articles to get an insider's perspective on what sets Bardo apart.

Bardo: el perfecto balance entre lo interno y lo externo diseñado para la nueva humanidad

Ubicado dentro del pueblo de Tulum, en medio de la jungla maya, este hotel boutique único invita a sus huéspedes a vivir una experiencia de transformación íntima y profunda, conectada fuertemente con la tradición mística que enamoró a los mayas que habitaron estas tierras sagradas.

Condé Nast:
The rooms steal the show at this contemporary lifestyle destination in the heart of the Mayan jungle.

The hotel ethos is a Mexican version of the Tibetan concept of bordo: a state of existence between death and rebirth. This comes to life at the property through the idea of transformation and the concept of connecting guests back to their roots during their stay.

Business Insider:
Hotel Bardo has one of the most luxurious pools in Tulum, with a lounge chair layout that allows guests to have more privacy than is typical.

Hotel Bardo also offers many immersive experiences, like sunset intention-setting rituals, temazcal ceremonies, sound healing, and yoga. It may be a long journey to the ocean, but you'll enjoy a rejuvenating and aesthetically pleasing stay that encompasses all the reasons why people come to Tulum.

Travel Style:
Hotel Bardo promises a unique experience of contemporary lifestyle luxury, focused on transformation to awaken the mind

An invitation to introspection and mindfulness underscores the Bardo’s concept and its distinctive design, based on the idea of a “loft-style villa” (but one with a private pool)

Un Tesoro en el corazón de la selva Maya

El hotel boutique, solo para adultos, es todo un viaje sensorial y espiritual con instalaciones de estilo contemporáneo y diseño distintivo, que nos permite estar en sintonía con la naturaleza y hacer una introspección sobre lo que somos y hacia dónde vamos.

Ocean Blue World: Nestled within the jungle, the hotel offers contemporary luxury rooted in wellness, with rituals like sound healing ceremonies and yoga classes

Life at the hotel centers around a thatched-roof bar and an outdoor pool where guests meet pre-sunset for an intention-setting ceremony.